“I really enjoyed my shopping experience with Libertee.  She was super friendly and I instantly felt comfortable around her.  She was super supportive as we shopped together and she made me try on things I would have never thought to try.  I have had tones of compliments from people because of my “new look”. The whole experience has made me feel better about myself than I have felt in ages.  ”


“I never had the time or interest to pay attention to fashion or what looked good on me.  I could never understand why women found shopping for clothes so enjoyable… I found it depressing and only went when I absolutely had to. And then I found LIBERTEE.  After just one afternoon of shopping ( which was a lot of fun) family and friends were complementing me on how good… and young… I looked!!  And with some of the tips Libertee gave me I was able to start combining my existing clothing in more flattering ways.  I struggle less with deciding what looks good and what will coordinate and have lost my dread of shopping for clothes!   I would recommend Libertee’s personal styling service  as a great value and a wonderful confidence builder!”