Clutch Moves!

Quick beauty fixes from the inside!

That’s our dad up there. You might be scratching your head wondering what the heck Dennis could possibly have to do with this blog – we’re one step ahead of you.  Anyone who knows our dad knows that in addition to being the kindest, sweetest and most thoughtful man/dad ever, he is THE most meticulous man on the planet.  We kid you not, the term “good enough” has never come from this man’s mouth.  A welder by trade, and the best high school industrial arts teacher to have ever taught, our dad is also the man behind some incredible pieces of metal art and the brainchild behind some of the most ingenious repairs to ever have occurred. This one time, he built a house... that we lived in.  Actually.  Also he built those. (see below)

We write this post in honour of our hard-working, genius of a father who taught us to never settle for “good enough” and how to make the most with what you have to work with. Happy Father’s Day Dad! We understand your reasons for that time you made Lecina “re-hill” 500 potato plants (keep up, city folk) and Libertee gets why you made her learn her multiplication tables  1 through 12 before she was allowed to go to Erin’s house! We love you the most!

Grant it, on any given day, we tend to use the term “clutch” a little differently than our dad does; most often – he uses this term in reference to a gear-shifting-thing-mechanism, whereas we tend to use it in reference to a small handbag, generally without a strap. However, like father like daughter, we both use the term “clutch” to describe a key move in a desperate situation. 

This is our friend Jayna.

A bit of a globe trotter (read Calgary by way of Germany via LA and Toronto) Jayna often works together with Libertee on set and behind the scenes for rad productions like TV commercials and music videos. Along with being a total beauty, a mom to the cutest little girl named Pearl and the wife to a dapper man named Adam, Jayna is one of the best wardrobe stylists in the business and one of the most resourceful and fashionable women we know. 

 We love Jayna because she doesn’t limit her style based on brand or price; in fact, Jayna has a reputation for finding some of her favorite wardrobe pieces at second hand stores and is credited with coming up with some pretty clever, cost effective solutions to everyday fashion dilemmas. We talked to this babe to learn all about the “clutch moves” she uses on set, and how they can be applied in everyday, ordinary, off-set life.

Shift Up with these Clutch Clues:

1. Stand on - Static Guard

Yes, we’re tough, we’re Canadian, and we can withstand ridiculously cold temperatures; however, one thing we cannot, will not, stand is static cling as a result of that dry, cold air.  This may seem like an obvious fix, but the Static Guard brand has been around for decades for a reason – it works.  Keep Static Guard on hand at the office and on vacation to prevent your clothes from looking like a stage 5 clinger.

2. It’s just that Easy Iron

Easy Iron is one of those products that you no doubt see in the grocery store, but as a result of growing up in the 80s where everything was spandex and didn’t actually need to be ironed, you don’t actually know what this product is for. Enter: Jayna.  Use this product when we’re you’re in a hurry and ironing is a must.  Spray on that pencil skirt that you found lying in the darkest corner of your closet, crumpled in a pathetic looking, no-one-cares-about-me-at-all-ball, for super-fast and effective ironing results.  

3. Novi to the Rescue Wipes

Because we’re all for equal rights, we believe that a woman too, can be judged by her shoes.  With this in mind, keeping Novi Wipes on hand is always a good idea.  These wipes are an exceptionally quick fix for shoes that have been scuffed, dirtied or stained by some chlorophyll containing element.  Get your Novi Wipes at Aldo and let the masses judge you and your pristine footwear. 

4. Lintek Lint (but really, gross hair) Roller

A little known fact: the principle purpose of lint rollers, is actually the removal of gross hair, but the Donald Drapers of the world thought that “lint” would make for an easier, less gag-inducing commercial.  Keep a lint roller on hand to get rid of pet and human hair that absolutely no one wants to see.  A once over on any outfit before heading out the door is always a good idea.  Jayna also recommends keeping one of these in an office drawer as entering a meeting wearing gross hair is gross. 

5. The Tide (has turned) Pen

Ok.  But for real.  These things actually work.  An easy way to make a quick friend is to keep one of these on hand; just ask our friend Jill who fell into Lecina’s good graces when she exclaimed “I have a Tide Pen!” after an embarrassing Tiger-Tiger episode on hot day.  Keep one of these in close reach especially if you’re wearing white and are planning on drinking coffee at any point in the day.  If you’re just about to head out the door and you manage to spill coffee on yourself before you’ve even left the house (seriously, pull yourself together) apply the tide pen and run an iron over the war wound accordingly to dry the spot quickly.

6. Not just for Panty Liners

No.  This isn’t the 5th grade, and no, we’re not about to give some sort of awkward sexual health lesson.  Avoid embarrassing arm pit stains in the summer heat and prevent your garments from becoming discolored over time by cutting these puppies to size and placing them in the armpits of your dresses, jackets and shirts.  As an added bonus, Jayna recommends getting the scented kind, as a sort of infantry to the cavalry that is your deodorant. 

7. Don’t cry like a Baby Wipes 

If you do your makeup before you get dressed, chances are you’ve managed to get some of your eyebrows on a blouse at least once in your life.  As a foolproof an effective way of getting make-up off of your clothes, Jayna recommends keeping baby wipes on hand. We’re not sure of the magical chemical process that takes place – but we know it works. . . on your clothes, and his. 

8. Duct Tape: you really can use it for everything

Just like Red Green said (keep up, Americans)!  Some of Jayna’s favorite uses for the sticky stuff are pure genius.  For a loose fitting shoe, Jayne recommends making a loop out of the duct tape and placing it in the shoe under the ball of your foot to prevent it from sliding forward. See, genius.  Jayna has also used the silver stuff as an instant seam repair for heavier fabrics.  Helen, if you’re reading this, I have some things that require hemming.

9. Liquid Stitch, bitch!

If you’re not lucky enough to have a Helen, or a relative that a) actually knows how to sew, and b) is in fact the owner of a sewing machine, Liquid Stitch is for you! Use this product as a quick and fool-proof and effective way to repair torn seams and hems.  Purchase this magic potion at any fabric store. 

10. The only type of two faced you need in your life: Double-sided fabric tape 

If you’ve ever watched any awards show, ever and wondered how on god’s green earth J-Los nipples aren’t as out there as her booty, stop your head scratching; the answer is double sided fabric tape.  Use this tape to avoid wardrobe malfunctions with ultra-low necklines.  Additionally, if you’re above a B Cup and plan on wearing a button-up blouse, strategically place this tape in between the buttons that most often look like they’re planning an exit strategy. 

11. When it's time to Bounce sheet

If you’re anything like us you haven’t quite yet grasped onto the whole clothes then deodorant thing.  Adulting can be hard.  Alas – there’s hope for us yet.  As a magical fix for deodorant stains: take a bounce sheet to badge of shame, rub and watch disappear. Walk out the door convincing everyone that you’re a real-life, adult.  

12. Orange you glad I didn't say Banana?

Knock, knock.  (Who’s there?). Hunger. (Hunger who?). You’re an idiot. Bring a snack next time.  Long days sometimes can’t be avoided, but hunger pains can. Think ahead and grab a piece of emergency sustenance before leaving the house. 

Jump back! That was so CLUTCH!

Read more about the guru that is Jayna here: